Love at First Sight Is for Freaks

“Degenerate types of mankind seek and find each other . . . It hastens their elimination. In the case of these individuals, the attraction often arises in the shape of that impulsive emotion known as “love at first sight,” which as we shall see further on, constitutes a symptom more than a manifestation of the sexual instinct.”

The Sexual Urge: How It Grows or Wanes


Yes, love at first sight is a fact. And according to Prof. Féré, it’s a dirty, filthy fact.

Just One Look

“Nothing is more firmly established than the fact that a person may fall passionately and incurably in love with a person of the opposite sex at the very first sight, in the twinkling of an eye, in the literal sense of the word. One glance may be sufficient. And such a love may exist to the end of life, and may, if reciprocated, lead to supreme happiness, or if unreciprocated to the deepest unhappiness.”

Woman: Her Sex and Love Life

I would’ve loved to see how this “fact” was scientifically proven. Flashcards? Line-up?

On Attraction and Appeal

“A wife cannot loaf around the house in slovenly and unattractive garb, screech at the children all through every evening, and sleep in curlers six nights in a row, then expect to overcome a week of half-repulsion in a few minutes of desperate appeal. A husband cannot expect to speak gruffly, bathe infrequently, and strew his clothes around the bedroom, then inspire wifely response with a few quick caresses.”

The Marriage Art


And lo, on the seventh day, the Wife stopped screeching at the children and took out her curlers.