January Hussy of the Month

Dear me! I realize I’m scooting this in just before the month’s end, but by gum, we SHALL have a January Hussy of the Month!

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Or rather, hussIES! Not one, but two women, each reeking of desperation as they perch upon the fickle swing of Matrimony. Their cruel lot forces them to cast about for husbands as if they were simply hawking lemonade on the corner. For shame, ladies!

Thanks, but No Thanks

Sensuality Exercise Number 5:

You can usually tell a good lover by his tongue. If a man can make his tongue flutter like the wings of a hummingbird, or use it to nail flying insects from across the room, then he has an erotic instrument of incredible value–particularly when it comes to tickling a woman’s clitoris.

Here’s your first tongue exercise: Stick it out. Now, keeping it stiff, move it from left to right like a windshield wiper, touching the edge of the mouth each time. Do this exercise for thirty seconds initially, and slowly work up to sixty seconds. An effective psychological aid for this one is to pretend that you’re William F. Buckley, whose tongue would be marvelous for sex if it could be domesticated.

This exercise is specifically designed to prepare you for ‘The Velvet Buzz Saw.'”

The Sensuous Man


Words and phrases used in this description that guarantee the author should not be allowed near anyone’s how-do-you-do:


windshield wiper

buzz saw

“nail flying insects from across the room”

William F. Buckley


Update: Here are a few other sensuality exercises from other posts:

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Pinkey’s Special (NSFW)

This post is a bit more scurrilous than I usually allow, but I thought it informative, if only so young ladies may see what happens when young men degrade themselves.

Menu from a 1920s brothel:


Brothel menu

Take a closer gander.


While I don’t agree with the services offered, it does seem that the Pinkey’s Special is well worth the $30.


Via Tangled Up in Lace. Submitted by Miss Brandy.

Ain’t No Helpmeet of Mine

“Women who are constantly seeking diversion and entertainment, who are absorbed by the empty and exacting demands of what is called ‘society,’ who are extravagant in dress, and who honestly contribute nothing, either of happiness or comfort, to the sum of the world’s good, are really idlers, and are practically worthless as helpmeets. Any woman clad in silks and seal and costly apparel can look pleasant and smile attractively on Chestnut Street or Fifth Avenue; but, young man, the woman you want to live with you in your home is the one who can be agreeable and helpful in the midst of every-day burdens and self-denials. . .”

What a Young Man Ought to Know



So I suppose dozing on the couch while watching The Wire for five straight hours disqualifies me from being a helpmeet, eh? What Bunk.