Care to Dance?

(The below paragraph follows an explanation of the social and sexual implications behind dancing)

“In passing, the writer wishes to take the opportunity to assure the reader that nothing in the above paragraph is to be interpreted as indicating that he believes the modern dance, as it is usually conducted, frequently with no chaperonage or safeguards, to be a wise of sensible exercise for young people. The folk dances of the peasant people of Europe, and similar dances enjoyed by our great-grandparents in the pioneer days of America, are widely different in their social significance and influence from the modern round dance, with the unspeakable “Turkey-trots” and “Bunny hugs.”

Dr. Hall’s Sexual Knowledge


Once after a big meal, my dad got the turkey trots, but I don’t remember a specific partnered dance. Hm.

Husband Shopping: I Know How to Pick ‘Em

It’s Spring, a time when a young woman’s fancy naturally turns to marriage. But finding a proper beau is so difficult these days — that’s why I’ve provided these helpful hints for “shopping” for that perfect man!

First, think about what sort of man you would like. Remember, you will be married to him forever and ever.


Husband shopping

Husband shopping: handsome or homely

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Now then! Let’s look at the fellow you’ve picked. It appears he’s quite virile!


Future hubby
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A Shot (Glass) in the Dark

“Sensuality Exercise Number 7:

Fumble around in your kitchen cabinet until you find a whiskey shot glass. Leaving it empty (for now), cover your mouth with it as you would an oxygen mask, but don’t press it against your face. Now slowly stick out your tongue as far as it will go without touching the sides of the glass. If you do touch the sides, withdraw your tongue and begin again. This time, elongate the tip of your tongue, making it more pointed, and try to go past the point where you touched the glass.

This exercise serves a two-fold purpose. In French kissing, your tongue should be pointed to explore her mouth and meet her tongue. Your tongue is larger than hers–if it’s too broad when it enters her mouth, it may prove uncomfortable and frighten her.

Secondly, when stimulating the clitoris orally, the tip of your tongue should encircle the small shaft and only flick across the top of her clitoris.

If you don’t understand this now, you will later.”

The Sensuous Man


If you don’t understand this entry now, you will when you get a knee to the jaw.


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Give Me Marriage or Give Me Death

Concerning Long Engagements:

They are hurtful, and they are unnecessary. Is love so vagrant that it must be tied by such a chain? Better let it go. True love asks no oath; it casteth out fear, and believes without a promise.

There are other reasons, sound physiological reasons, which we could adduce, if need were, to show that the close personal relations which arise between persons who are engaged should not be continued too long a time. They lead to excitement and disability, sometimes to danger and disease. Especially is this true of nervous, excitable, sympathetic dispositions.”

–The Physical Life of Woman


If threats of consumption and a nervous breakdown aren’t the best ways to bully your beau into marrying you, I don’t know what is.