June Hussy of the Month (Plus PSA!)

Dear Readers,

I am here to warn you about a scourge in women’s behavior. I am talking of course about the habit among many young women nowadays to sit in an incorrect and unbecoming manner. To wit, one should keep one’s knees held tightly together, or perhaps cross one’s legs at the ankles, while keeping the skirt or dress smoothed neatly over the legs.


Below is an example of how not to sit.


No, do not be fooled by the book in her hand! Notice how this pseudo-intellectual slattern is perched upon the step, knees up and her undergarments clearly seen by all. For shame, miss!


A hearty thanks to Chick History for calling attention to this most unseemly behavior. (Photo via History and Women)

Choose Wisely!

It all begins with cigarettes and self abuse, fellows!

Two Paths: Boy

“But Miss K. LaMoine!” you say. “Surely the delicate sex is not also capable of wandering down the wrong path!”

My dear Readers, it is terribly all too true. Take heed.

Two Paths: Girl

A hearty thanks to Miss Emily W. for sharing this important information.

The Pickup Artist

(The following is from a chapter entitled “The Pickup.”)

“If you can get at a woman, you have at least a chance of getting into her. And since most women in our society are ‘at large’ — free to move about in public without restriction — any reasonably attractive man with a fair degree of brashness has a good chance of scoring with a complete stranger.”

The Sensuous Man


Makes sense to me! Viva la Women’s Lib!!


If you can get at a woman, you have at least a chance of getting into hermay be one of my favorites phrases in the Hersteria archives (a list that includes “There’s Communists in the funhouse“). I may include some of the bizarre and inane pick-up line examples in a later post.

The Girl Can’t Help It : Ladies and Their Troublesome Libidos

“Many a libidinous wife has driven her husband, especially if she is young and he is old, to a premature grave. And ‘grave’ is used in the literal, not figurative, sense of the word. It would be a good thing if a man could find out the character of his future wife’s libido before marriage. Unfortunately, it is impossible. At best, it can only be guessed at.

When the libido in woman is so excessive that she cannot control her passion, and forgetting religion, morality, modesty custom, and possible social consequences, she offers herself to every man she meets, we used the term nymphomania. It is a disease which corresponds to satyriasis in men. The unfortunate victims  are often forced to become common prostitutes in order to be able to satisfy their desires. If they cannot get nature satisfaction, they masturbate excessively. Many of them end up in the lunatic asylum.

The treatment of nymphomania is similar to that of satyriasis: Confinement, continual cold bath or pack, immense doses of bromide and chloral and morphine if necessary. Removal of the clitoris may be considered. I consider even removal of the ovaries justifiable, if we could be sure of satisfactory results.”

–Woman: Her Sex and Love Life


Prostitution, lunatic asylum, morphine, clitorendectomy . . . man, “MTV Spring Break: 1939” was a huge drag.

Nooooo whyyyyyy

Well, there’s certainly nothing like having your baby forcibly thrown out of your uterus.


centrifugal force patent


According to Ptak Science Books (via Jezebel), this delightful find is a patent from 1965 describing a machine that would help women give birth via centrifugal force.


It’s sort of like the Gravitron ride at the State Fair–only, you know, with more placenta.


Update: Here’s a good article of how this contraption came to be.

The Latest in Beachwear



Bathing suit, bicycling costume. . .  either way, you’re still a slut, darling. 



*For those needing their spectacles, the text reads:

Mother – “Gracious daughter, what an outrageous costume! And those stockings are shocking!”

Daughter – “Well, you see, ma, I hadn’t a bathing suit and was compelled to wear my bicycling costume.”

Mother – “O, well, that’s all right.”*