Beating the Blahs into Submission

Ladies are so dang moody, amiright? Well, if you’re suffering from a case of so-called “depression,” the fantastic site Awful Library Books has found a doozy of a self-help book: How to Say YES to Life: A Woman’s Guide to Beating the Blahs, published in 1971.

How to Say YES to Life self-help book

For women who find themselves knee-deep in tears and bon bons, here are some of the author’s recommended ways to get a lil’ boost.

  • Adopting a child
  • Adopting/becoming friends with a returning Vietnam vet
  • Plastic surgery
  • Getting a paying job
  • New wardrobe
  • New makeup
  • An affair
  • A divorce

Makes sense to me! The only potential problem that I can foresee is if your new Vietnam vet bestie doesn’t notice your fabulous new makeover. Why, that could lead to even more blahs!

How to Say Yes to Life chapters

(Thank you to Phineas for the find!)