A Shot (Glass) in the Dark

“Sensuality Exercise Number 7:

Fumble around in your kitchen cabinet until you find a whiskey shot glass. Leaving it empty (for now), cover your mouth with it as you would an oxygen mask, but don’t press it against your face. Now slowly stick out your tongue as far as it will go without touching the sides of the glass. If you do touch the sides, withdraw your tongue and begin again. This time, elongate the tip of your tongue, making it more pointed, and try to go past the point where you touched the glass.

This exercise serves a two-fold purpose. In French kissing, your tongue should be pointed to explore her mouth and meet her tongue. Your tongue is larger than hers–if it’s too broad when it enters her mouth, it may prove uncomfortable and frighten her.

Secondly, when stimulating the clitoris orally, the tip of your tongue should encircle the small shaft and only flick across the top of her clitoris.

If you don’t understand this now, you will later.”

The Sensuous Man


If you don’t understand this entry now, you will when you get a knee to the jaw.


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