It’s National Crochet Month!

Today we’re taking a break from your regularly scheduled vintage marriage and dating advice to celebrate National Crochet Month! In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a knitter, not a crochet type – but we can all get along when it comes to yarn, right?


crochet bunny hat

I’d like to tell you it gets better, son, but… well. You know.

crochet man vest tie

Murphy Brown, meet Murphy Me-YOW! Here’s a little something for that journalist on-the-go! (Yes, I know MB was a woman. Hush now.)

vintage crochet family

First the all-crocheted items. Then the divorce. Even the clown doll is screaming.

crochet cossack costume

Crocheted Cossack costume? Three-foot-high “jumbo sculpture”? How much weed was involved here?

vintage crochet family

Here’s a crocheted family who’s doing a little better. A lil’ lucky someone even got baby Voltron legs!

vintage crochet toilet paper dollShe knows. Oh, she KNOWS.

(Images via Vintage Everywhere,, and C. Dianne Zweig.)

Happy National Bathtub Party Day!

vintage bathtub party

So, according to the Internets, it’s National Bathtub Party Day! I don’t know about you, but I’ll be celebrating with bubble bath from Lush, a drink, music, and a soggy magazine.

Let’s revisit another bathtub party! Does anyone remember the Bath Night Frolic?

“I refer to the custom adopted by the wise mothers of all generations of having the little children fo the family meet in the nursery at bedtime at least one evening a week in what some mothers call an “undress parade.” Others mothers call it a “bath night frolic.” The little boys and girls of the family ranging in age between two and seven or eight, enter into these frolic with the keenest and most unalloyed pleasure.”

(Read the full post: Commence Frolicking!)


7 Haunting Halloween Costume Ideas from Hersteria

It’s the third annual Hersteria Halloween costume guide! In posts past,  I’ve shown you a number of exciting costume ideas, including Sexy Rollerskating Widow with George Washington Eyes and Sir Phoneface. This year I’ve drummed up even more thrilling and chilling disguises, sure to scare/entertain/allure/what-have-you. Let’s get to it!

Hersteria Halloween_giant eyeball
(via Collector’s Weekly)

Be the life of the Halloween party as an Eyeball with a Highball! Unfortunately, since television’s switch to digital, this costume only gets three local channels. 


Hersteria Halloween_Clark Gable mask
(via Vintage Everyday)

Don’t put that swimsuit away just yet! How about going as Sexy Clark Gable?


Hersteria Halloween_masked swede

(via the Daily Mail)

Don’t look now – it’s Mystery Swede!


(via Visual News)

No date to the Halloween party? No problem!

Take the Women Laughing Alone with Salad meme one further with this attractive Lonely Lettuce Woman costume!


Hersteria Halloween_women's basketball 1900s

Gather your girl-friends, put on those bloomers, and borrow your brother’s ball – you’re now a “Women’s Basket-ball Team“!

Oh, I kid. Can you imagine such a thing?!


Hersteria Halloween_men in drag
(via Pinterest)

Say, here’s one for the fellas! Grab a buddy and dress as the Creepy Twins from The Shining!


Hersteria Halloween_Disney characters

Here’s another great idea for a group Halloween costume! I call it “The American Dream.


Happy Halloween, dear readers!

She Stoops to Chit-Chat

“If you are a gentleman, never lower the intellectual standard of your conversation in addressing ladies. Pay them the compliment of seeming to consider them capable of an equal understanding with gentlemen. You will, no doubt, be somewhat surprised to find in how many cases the supposition will be grounded on fact, and in the few instances where it is not the ladies will be pleased rather than offended at the delicate compliment you pay them. When you “come down” to commonplace or smalltalk with an intelligent lady, one of two things is the consequence, she either recognizes the condescension and despises you, or else she accepts it as the highest intellectual effort of which you are capable, and rates you accordingly.

– Decorum

Yes, at least pretend to think women are intelligent. Then let them go back to their hen parties and coupons and menstruating, or whatever witchery they’re up to nowadays.