July Hussy of the Month


Oh. Oh dear.

I… I don’t even know where to begin. But in the name of decency, I shall persevere!

Allow me to list the filth:

• Bare forearms

• stockings showing

• riding a swing side-saddle

• a clearly unmarried man and woman alone together without chaperoned supervision (obviously, no wedded couple would partake in such goings-on)


And, really, the less said about the postcard’s message, the better.

June Hussy of the Month (Plus PSA!)

Dear Readers,

I am here to warn you about a scourge in women’s behavior. I am talking of course about the habit among many young women nowadays to sit in an incorrect and unbecoming manner. To wit, one should keep one’s knees held tightly together, or perhaps cross one’s legs at the ankles, while keeping the skirt or dress smoothed neatly over the legs.


Below is an example of how not to sit.


No, do not be fooled by the book in her hand! Notice how this pseudo-intellectual slattern is perched upon the step, knees up and her undergarments clearly seen by all. For shame, miss!


A hearty thanks to Chick History for calling attention to this most unseemly behavior. (Photo via History and Women)