Commence Frolicking!

“The next question which the child asks, as a rule, concerns the physical differences between the sexes. Your little six or seven-year-old girl may come with the question as to how the mother knows whether her new-born baby is a boy or a girl. … The wise mothers in all generations have adopted a very simple method of forestalling this question, and presenting in the family, conditions which answer the question in the most natural and simple way.

I refer to the custom adopted by the wise mothers of all generations of having the little children fo the family meet in the nursery at bedtime at least one evening a week in what some mothers call an “undress parade.” Others mothers call it a “bath night frolic.” The little boys and girls of the family ranging in age between two and seven or eight, enter into these frolic with the keenest and most unalloyed pleasure.”

Dr. Hall’s Sexual Knowledge


“Bath night frolic” at my house means something completely different. And it involves less children and more bourbon.

3 comments on “Commence Frolicking!

  1. Tony says:

    Man, I had to read that several times to make sense of it. If I parse this right, the answer is, “Avoid explaining about genitals to your children by just letting them see each other naked.” Also: “Make a game of it.” Did I get that right?

    • Well, it would never do to actually address any questions about their bodies. Best let them prance around in a circle and figure it out for themselves.

      Also, isn’t eight a little old to be doing this? I can’t imagine having to participate in an Undress Parade when I was in second grade.

  2. Dan says:

    Well, you don’t “KNOW” that their bath night involved less bourbon.

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