Got Love?

“Yes, love is a woman’s whole life.

Some modern women might object to this. They might say that this was true of the woman of the past, who was excluded from all other avenues of human activity. The woman of the present day has other interests besides those of Love. But I claim that this is true of only a small percentage of women; and in even this small minority of women, social, scientific, or artistic activities cannot take the place of love . . .

Nothing can fill the void made up by the lack of love. The various activities may help cover up the void, to protect it from strange eyes, but they cannot fill it. For essentially women is made for love. Not exclusively but essentially, and a woman who has had no love in her life has been a failure.”

–Woman: Her Sex and Love Life


Really, anyone who reads Cathy on a regular basis already knows this.

Ack, indeed.

One comment on “Got Love?

  1. bgirl says:

    I protect my void of love very well. Very well, indeed.

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