On Attraction and Appeal

“A wife cannot loaf around the house in slovenly and unattractive garb, screech at the children all through every evening, and sleep in curlers six nights in a row, then expect to overcome a week of half-repulsion in a few minutes of desperate appeal. A husband cannot expect to speak gruffly, bathe infrequently, and strew his clothes around the bedroom, then inspire wifely response with a few quick caresses.”

The Marriage Art


And lo, on the seventh day, the Wife stopped screeching at the children and took out her curlers.

2 comments on “On Attraction and Appeal

  1. Lori says:

    Finally! the secret to a happy, lasting marriage! and its just so simple.

  2. pat says:

    It’s like they were following the comic strip the Lockhorns all along! Cue smoldering pot-roast!

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