How to Manage, I Mean, Treat a Lady

Pillow Princess

“After interviewing scores of high school girls, I’ve discovered the one-two-three formula for making you a date knight on date night.

Interested? Okay, hang onto your hat (if you wear one), because here it comes. You may have heard that girls like the strong masterful type — swoon — and they do, but from a strictly feminine viewpoint, it seems like the idea has been a little misinterpreted.

A girl likes to feel managed in the sense that she is being helplessly swept off her feet into a whirlwind evening that has been planned to the last minute detail, whether it’s a movie with a Coke float afterward, or a swanky dance that calls for formal dress.

She likes to feel subdued because her date seems more capable more intelligent, and better versed in what’s going on in the world than she. However, to interpret “that masterful approach” as meaning that dream boat yearns to be treated as a slave girl several notches lower in a caste system, is to take a jet flight right off the beam. All girls, from the slick chicks right down to the plain Janes, like to be treated like fairy princesses on feather pillows, and the boy who can create this illusion will instantly see in his girl friend’s eyes a reflection of himself as a Greek god.”

Well, this is certainly one way to define “pillow princess,” I suppose.

2 comments on “How to Manage, I Mean, Treat a Lady

  1. Alicia Pesce says:

    Umm what? Are even feminist? I mean some chicks may dig that crap but real woman don’t like feeling like they need some man to show them a good and besides why can’t a woman whisk a man off his feet and show him a good time? Why does the guy have to pay for anything? I make money like a man and I should be able to spend it like a man does!

  2. jess says:

    I will admit that because I’m the planner half of a couple to have him plan the night is sometimes so fantastic. I don’t have to think about where to eat, what form of transportation are we getting there and home from, etc etc. Although, I would stop short of wanting him to be the “Masterful type”.

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