Job Hunting? It’s the Hersteria Career Counselor!

Stymied by your current career? Don’t know what direction to turn? Don’t worry, my ducklings, for Miss K. LaMoine has come to your aid!

Now, we all know the gentler sex should remain in the home to take care of the family or (assuming the woman’s barren) maintain the house and clip coupons. But the sad truth is there are some women who simply cannot catch a man and therefore must enter the workplace. A wonderful tool for the working gal is What Shall I Be?, a thoughtful compendium of job opportunities.

what shall i be

Ladies may choose to be a teacher, nurse, flight attendant, ballerina, actress, or model. If you’re unsure what direction to take, there are helpful cards to identify your good and bad traits and determine what option would best suit you.

career traits

But what about the menfolk? Don’t worry – Hersteria has plenty of options for the job-hunting gentlemen.


Time to polish up that resume! Good luck, job seekers!

(Images via Awesomenator and Bohemian Season)

4 comments on “Job Hunting? It’s the Hersteria Career Counselor!

  1. Rena Nichole says:

    Hahah! Holy buckets! I love the boys ___ girls ___.

  2. Kip W says:

    Looks like the artwork there is by cartoonist Whitney Darrow, Jr.

    (What do you mean, “now what?” That’s all.)

  3. Cheryl says:

    Stunning. Is it just me, or do the bottom four cartoons in the children’s book seem to ramp up to a nastier tone ? – the top cartoons are the same old role stereotypes, but the bottom four actually portray girls as parasites of boys. I guess they didn’t have space to include “Boys earn money. Girls spend money.” with a little cartoon gold-digger.

    And, as for “What Shall I Be?”, we should just breath a sigh of relief that ‘Walmart greeter’ wasn’t an option!

  4. Linda G says:

    Wow! Those were the days…

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