Hey Honey, Thanks for Making It Consensual

[On complimenting men for their sexual performance to build their confidence] “Perhaps more important (and certainly more frequently neglected) are compliments for gentlemanly conduct of less directly satisfying bouts . . . Take the bridegroom who gives his partner a comfortable and easy introduction to sex, for instance; he deserves appreciation for his tender and well-managed attentions, even though his wife has known no joy and manifests no evidence of his success. Or take the impassioned husband who conducts himself in such a way that serving him becomes a comfortable communion instead of legalized rape. Can his wife not properly commend his skill and consideration?”

–The Marriage Art


I can’t really tell what the author is getting at, and it’s making me really uncomfortable. (Mind you, this is the same guy who told wifey to just wait her goddamn turn for an orgasm.) Ah, the early ’60s. Watching Mad Men will never be the same. 🙁

4 comments on “Hey Honey, Thanks for Making It Consensual

  1. “I know you try dear, but…”

  2. Lori says:

    methinks the author is lacking in the bedroom. he sounds defensive.

  3. Arpad says:

    “Thank you for not raping me” would make a great needlepoint sampler.

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