Hersteria’s Marriage Tips for Connubial Bliss

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First, Dear Readers, an apology: I’ve been absolutely awful at updating this site for the last, oh, nine months or so, and I do apologize. I’m sorry if you missed out on important (and antiquated) advice regarding sex, love, marriage, and filthy menstrual matters.

Then, an excuse explanation. My absence is due to the following:

1. Day job-wise, I moved from book publishing into web publishing. And guess what? Working on a website for 8+ hours a day kinda kills that inner fire to work on any personal writing!

2. This winter was a bear. A very unpleasant three-to-four months battling bad seasonal depression. Plus my dog died.

3. I’m getting married! This is extremely happy news, but it means my mind is stuffed to the brim with wedding-related ballyhoo.

Thankfully, I have plenty of marriage- and wedding-related resources to guide me into matrimonial bliss! After perusing through my archives both webby and paper, I’ve come up with a list of helpful marriage advice. Please, enjoy and pass on to any fools friends who are also on their way down the aisle.

Hersteria’s Marriage Tips for Connubial Bliss

handsome or homely

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(Of course, if you’re interested in more vintage marriage advice, be sure to check the archives!)

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