I’m With Stupid: Marrying that Someone “Special”

On “When Marriage Is Inadvisable”:


A feebleminded man has much fewer chances for marriage than has a feebleminded woman. Feebleminded girls, even to the extent of being morons, if pretty (as they often are), have very good chances of getting married, not infrequently getting for husbands young men of good families who themselves of course are not very strong mentally, but still are far from being considered feebleminded.

It must be borne in mind that feeblemindedness or weak mentality is much more difficult to detect in a woman that it is in a man. Weakmindedness in a woman often passes for “cuteness,” and as among the conservatives a woman is not expected to be able to discuss current topics, her intellectual caliber is often not discovered by the blinded husband until some weeks after the marriage ceremony.”

–Woman: Her Sex and Love Life


Surprise, honey! I’m stupid!

(But cute!)

One comment on “I’m With Stupid: Marrying that Someone “Special”

  1. Maizie says:

    “Weakmindedness in a woman often passes for ‘cuteness…’” Sooo, when people tell me I’m “cute,” that just means they think I’m stupid?

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