Menstruation and Marriage: Forget Midol

“The causes of painful [menstrual] periods are various…. A large, hot linseed-meal poultice, over which a dessertspoonful of laudanum has been sprinkled, or a large mustard-plaster, spread on the lower abdomen, will afford much relief…

A common belief is that such troubles are cured by marriage. Sometimes they are, but we do not approve the remedy.”

–The Physical Life of Woman


Hersteria cautions its readers against the overuse of laudanum, lest they become one of those filthy opium eaters. However, we do endorse the overuse of marriage in curing physical ailments.

2 comments on “Menstruation and Marriage: Forget Midol

  1. Lori says:

    what is a “dessertspoonful” exactly? my cutlery is woefully lacking.

  2. bridge says:

    Its sounds as if they’re instructing one to make a deli sandwich out of her own abdomen. Can mayonnaise be substituted for mustard-plaster?

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