Husband Shopping: I Know How to Pick ‘Em

It’s Spring, a time when a young woman’s fancy naturally turns to marriage. But finding a proper beau is so difficult these days — that’s why I’ve provided these helpful hints for “shopping” for that perfect man!

First, think about what sort of man you would like. Remember, you will be married to him forever and ever.


Husband shopping

Husband shopping: handsome or homely

(Both above images via Comically Vintage)


Now then! Let’s look at the fellow you’ve picked. It appears he’s quite virile!


Future hubby
(via Namey McNamerson)


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4 comments on “Husband Shopping: I Know How to Pick ‘Em

  1. Pugs 4 Ever says:

    “Bare cubs.” It’s so clever I can hardly stand it! But why are they all wearing hats?

  2. as there’s no checkbox for “Funny, with semi-pompadour hairstyle, draws really well”, Sleek Continental Type it is!

  3. amyc says:

    I choose “Dark Haired…or Light.” Really, why be picky?

  4. Amy says:

    your blog is freaking adorable… and hilarious… and awesome. just thought you should know. 🙂

    amy from

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