Heavy Petting Practice with the Sensual Man

Sensuality exercise number 10:

“Finally, and most ludicrously, strip to the waist. Sit down at that same cluttered table with those identical items [fur pillow, bar of soap, cracker, leather glove, handkerchief, silk tie, dish of tepid water, slice of bread, suede t-shirt] –and, with your eyes closed again, rub your body with each item. Again–stop, lean back, lick the bread crumbs off your fingers, and remember the feel of each item. You are training your entire body to be a discerning instrument of sensation.

When you have finished the exercise and your tactile sensitivity has been expanded and refined, strip the rest of the way down and go take a shower. You’ll need it.”

The Sensuous Man


O,  I quiver at the very mention of “suede t-shirt.” Cold showers for everyone!


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