Can the Sparkling Wit: How to Talk to Men

With the holidays upon us, it’s more than likely you’ll be called upon to put on a special frock, attend parties, and actually interact with other people. But how? 

Never fear! I have some quick ‘n helpful tips for ladies from a new resource in the Hersteria library: Your Power As a Woman: How to Develop and Use It. (The title is admittedly oxymoronic – putting “power” and “woman” together? I mean REALLY.)


1. Completely Change Your Voice

“Remember that the over-husky voice of many years ago is out. That was a little something which, no doubt, came out of the era when a speakeasy was a speakeasy and a voice was a lulling as the shout of a racetrack tout. Then came the sinus era, when we all went as tinny as the French and as raspy as a flock of macaws.”

So, retrain your speaking voice to resemble something between congested French and a strangled macaw. Easy enough.

how to listen

2. Know Your Audience

“Never conduct a conversation with a woman in the same manner as you would with a man. No wise woman does. If you must be witty, be witty with your women friends – never with a man.”

Remember: If he knows the real you, he will never love you again. 

3. Keep Him Engaged By Not Engaging

“The best rule for you to follow in talking with a man is to be a good listener. Let him finish the thought he wishes to express. Try not to interrupt. In this way, you’ll be able to make intelligent comments and, when necessary, ask intelligent questions. By intelligent questions, I don’t mean, ‘How much money do you make?’ ‘What do you have in the bank?’ or ‘Don’t you think I’m lovely?’

Talking with a man can be a problem. A large number of men don’t like ‘The Girl with the Intelligent Question.’ They’re more attracted by ‘The Girl with the Right Answer.'”

The Right Answer being: “Can I get you another Manhattan?” 


And remember:

Talking too much WWII ad


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