It’s National Crochet Month!

Today we’re taking a break from your regularly scheduled vintage marriage and dating advice to celebrate National Crochet Month! In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a knitter, not a crochet type – but we can all get along when it comes to yarn, right?


crochet bunny hat

I’d like to tell you it gets better, son, but… well. You know.

crochet man vest tie

Murphy Brown, meet Murphy Me-YOW! Here’s a little something for that journalist on-the-go! (Yes, I know MB was a woman. Hush now.)

vintage crochet family

First the all-crocheted items. Then the divorce. Even the clown doll is screaming.

crochet cossack costume

Crocheted Cossack costume? Three-foot-high “jumbo sculpture”? How much weed was involved here?

vintage crochet family

Here’s a crocheted family who’s doing a little better. A lil’ lucky someone even got baby Voltron legs!

vintage crochet toilet paper dollShe knows. Oh, she KNOWS.

(Images via Vintage Everywhere,, and C. Dianne Zweig.)