Oh, This Isn’t Hand Sanitizer…

From a chapter entitled “How to Drive a Woman to Ecstasy”:

“Many women love to see pornographic erotica (though few will admit it) in the form of novels, illustrations, photographs, and blue movies. Display your collection (if you own one) where she can notice it, and be guided by whether or not she shows any interest.”

The Sensuous Man


This is absolutely true. Nothing is more attractive on a first date than finding a potential beau’s bathroom stocked with a stack of Barely Legal magazines and an array of tastefully arranged scented lubes (in a wicker basket, natch — unless he’s an utter brute).

The Pickup Artist

(The following is from a chapter entitled “The Pickup.”)

“If you can get at a woman, you have at least a chance of getting into her. And since most women in our society are ‘at large’ — free to move about in public without restriction — any reasonably attractive man with a fair degree of brashness has a good chance of scoring with a complete stranger.”

The Sensuous Man


Makes sense to me! Viva la Women’s Lib!!


If you can get at a woman, you have at least a chance of getting into hermay be one of my favorites phrases in the Hersteria archives (a list that includes “There’s Communists in the funhouse“). I may include some of the bizarre and inane pick-up line examples in a later post.

Husband Shopping: I Know How to Pick ‘Em

It’s Spring, a time when a young woman’s fancy naturally turns to marriage. But finding a proper beau is so difficult these days — that’s why I’ve provided these helpful hints for “shopping” for that perfect man!

First, think about what sort of man you would like. Remember, you will be married to him forever and ever.


Husband shopping

Husband shopping: handsome or homely

(Both above images via Comically Vintage)


Now then! Let’s look at the fellow you’ve picked. It appears he’s quite virile!


Future hubby
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How to Train Your Teenage Boy

“Some boys can’t quite do the asking face-to-face the first time; they feel more comfortable using the telephone. But whether personally or by telephone, the first rule is to ask a girl for a date at least a week in advance. Girls don’t like being called at 7:30 to do something at 8:00 that evening.”

–The Life Cycle Library

I mean no offense to our male readership, but I can’t imagine any teenage boy having the wherewithal to ask a week in advance for anything.