Choose Wisely!

It all begins with cigarettes and self abuse, fellows!

Two Paths: Boy

“But Miss K. LaMoine!” you say. “Surely the delicate sex is not also capable of wandering down the wrong path!”

My dear Readers, it is terribly all too true. Take heed.

Two Paths: Girl

A hearty thanks to Miss Emily W. for sharing this important information.

Love at First Sight Is for Freaks

“Degenerate types of mankind seek and find each other . . . It hastens their elimination. In the case of these individuals, the attraction often arises in the shape of that impulsive emotion known as “love at first sight,” which as we shall see further on, constitutes a symptom more than a manifestation of the sexual instinct.”

The Sexual Urge: How It Grows or Wanes


Yes, love at first sight is a fact. And according to Prof. Féré, it’s a dirty, filthy fact.