Choose Wisely!

It all begins with cigarettes and self abuse, fellows!

Two Paths: Boy

“But Miss K. LaMoine!” you say. “Surely the delicate sex is not also capable of wandering down the wrong path!”

My dear Readers, it is terribly all too true. Take heed.

Two Paths: Girl

A hearty thanks to Miss Emily W. for sharing this important information.

The Latest in Beachwear



Bathing suit, bicycling costume. . .  either way, you’re still a slut, darling. 



*For those needing their spectacles, the text reads:

Mother – “Gracious daughter, what an outrageous costume! And those stockings are shocking!”

Daughter – “Well, you see, ma, I hadn’t a bathing suit and was compelled to wear my bicycling costume.”

Mother – “O, well, that’s all right.”*