The Story of Manhood

“The first lesson which the father teaches his son is the story of manhood and the secret of virility. He describes what it means for a boy to grow into a man, and how, after a brief period of lank, awkward, self-conscious clumsiness, the boy develops masses of muscles on shoulders and chest, upper arms, forearms, back, hips, thighs, legs. When these muscles come under the control of his will, as they should in his later teens, he will have received from mother Nature “the three B’s” of young manhood, namely, Bone, Brawn, and Brain, so that at eighteen years of age, the young man should be able to stand out before the world, broad-shouldered, deep-chested, erect, supple, hard-muscled, fiery-eyed and resourceful, full of initiative and will power, ready to get into the world’s work.”

Dr. Hall’s Sexual Knowledge







Hard- …

Oh dear. Someone fetch me a fainting couch!

From Man to Molly-Coddle

“Thus the father tells him the “Secret of Manhood,” and explains about the internal secretion that is prepared in the boy’s testicles from his fifteenth year on, and that this internal secretion absorbed into the blood and distributed throughout the body, causes the development in youth, of all these qualities distinctive of virile manhood. Deprived of these sex glands, the boy would develop, first, into a sissy, and finally at twenty-five he would be a slope-shouldered, narrow-chested, flabby-muscled, beardless, squeaky-voiced molly-coddle, absolutely lacking in every instinct and attribute of manhood.

When the boy hears this from his father, he readily understands that his sex apparatus is sacred to his manhood, and that he should never do anything to irritate or excite that part of his body for fear of disturbing Nature’s plan for his development of all the matchless qualities of manhood.”

Dr. Hall’s Sexual Knowledge


“Molly-coddle” is the new “namby-pamby.”