Love Made Me Lewd

“A vast majority of such poor girls [who are promised love and marriage by beaus who want only sex] make their way to houses of ill-fame and give themselves over to a life of prostitution. Hardly one of these women, if married by the man who brought her to this condition, would have failed to make a true and loving wife and mother…”

– Dr. Hall’s Sexual Knowledge


Conveniently, we can now blame our exes for all of our sexual mistakes! Hooray!

Sharing the Blame

“While there is no difference, physically, between the union of persons who are married to each other, and a similar union between those not enjoying this relationship, there is a social and moral difference. The marital union is wholesome, while illicit intercourse of the sexes is one of the grossest evils.

Illicit or promiscuous intercourse is equally wrong for both parties engaged in it. The man is just as wrong, who indulges for the purpose of satisfying his passions, as is the girl who yields to his inducements and shares the corruption with him. In fact, since he is considered the stronger of the two, he is more in the wrong.”

–Mothers and Daughters


Don’t worry–you’re all sluts!