Little Bouncing Baby Sword of Damocles

“To save herself from the disgrace of an illegitimate child she may have an abortion produced; the abortion may have no bad results, but it may, if performed bunglingly, leave her an invalid for life, or it may kill her outright. If she is so unfortunate as to be unable to get anybody to produce an abortion, she gives birth to an illegitimate child, which she is forced in most cases to put away in an institution of some sort where she hopes and prays it may die soon–and, in general, it does. If it does not die, she has for the rest of her life a Damocles’ sword hanging over her head, and she is in constant terror lest her sin be found out. She does not permit herself to look for a mate, but if she does get married, the specter of her antematrimonial¬† experience is constantly before her eyes.”

–Woman: Her Sex and Love Life


I find the writer’s point a little odd. “So, uh, you know. . .¬† don’t bungle the abortion.”

The Girl Can’t Help It : Ladies and Their Troublesome Libidos

“Many a libidinous wife has driven her husband, especially if she is young and he is old, to a premature grave. And ‘grave’ is used in the literal, not figurative, sense of the word. It would be a good thing if a man could find out the character of his future wife’s libido before marriage. Unfortunately, it is impossible. At best, it can only be guessed at.

When the libido in woman is so excessive that she cannot control her passion, and forgetting religion, morality, modesty custom, and possible social consequences, she offers herself to every man she meets, we used the term nymphomania. It is a disease which corresponds to satyriasis in men. The unfortunate victims  are often forced to become common prostitutes in order to be able to satisfy their desires. If they cannot get nature satisfaction, they masturbate excessively. Many of them end up in the lunatic asylum.

The treatment of nymphomania is similar to that of satyriasis: Confinement, continual cold bath or pack, immense doses of bromide and chloral and morphine if necessary. Removal of the clitoris may be considered. I consider even removal of the ovaries justifiable, if we could be sure of satisfactory results.”

–Woman: Her Sex and Love Life


Prostitution, lunatic asylum, morphine, clitorendectomy . . . man, “MTV Spring Break: 1939” was a huge drag.

I’m With Stupid: Marrying that Someone “Special”

On “When Marriage Is Inadvisable”:


A feebleminded man has much fewer chances for marriage than has a feebleminded woman. Feebleminded girls, even to the extent of being morons, if pretty (as they often are), have very good chances of getting married, not infrequently getting for husbands young men of good families who themselves of course are not very strong mentally, but still are far from being considered feebleminded.

It must be borne in mind that feeblemindedness or weak mentality is much more difficult to detect in a woman that it is in a man. Weakmindedness in a woman often passes for “cuteness,” and as among the conservatives a woman is not expected to be able to discuss current topics, her intellectual caliber is often not discovered by the blinded husband until some weeks after the marriage ceremony.”

–Woman: Her Sex and Love Life


Surprise, honey! I’m stupid!

(But cute!)

Beware! Bleeders at Large

“The womb is congested during the period, is larger and heavier than normal . . . For delicate and sensitive girls it is always best to stay away from school during the first and second days. Speaking again of the average and not the exception, it is best that dancing, bicycle riding, horseback riding, rowing, and other athletic exercises be given up altogether during the menses. Automobile riding and railroad and carriage travelling prove injurious in some instances, greatly increasing the flow of blood. But these are the exceptions at the other extreme.”

–Woman: Her Sex and Love Life

Menstruating women should also not go swimming (sharks) or hiking (bears). They should also be kept in a separate hut from the rest of the tribe, lest her powers prove too great.

Thank goodness the Pinkerton detectives at Snopes looked into this matter!

I’m Sorry, Darling, but You’re Quite Fugly

“I repeat, sexual, physical attraction is the basis, the foundation of love . . . Love is blind, but Love also sees acutely and penetratingly; it sees things which we who are indifferent cannot see. [Love’s] penetrating vision helps her to see good qualities which are invisible to others. And a homely person may possess certain compensating physical qualities–such as passionate ardor or strong sexual power–which render him or her irresistible to a member of the opposite sex.

But homeliness, ugliness or deformity have their limits, and I challenge anybody to bring forth an authenticated case in which a man fell in love with a woman–or vice versa–who had an enormous tumor on one side of the face, which made her look like a monstrosity, or whose nose was sunk in as a result of lupus or syphilis, or whose cheek was eaten away by cancer. Love under such circumstances is an absolute impossibility, because there is physical aversion here, and physical aversion is fatal to the genesis of love. A man who loved a woman may continue to love her after she has become disfigured by disease, but he cannot fall in love with such a woman.”

–Woman: Her Sex and Love Life


Oh man. Don’t get him started on fatties.

Of Hatpins and Billiard Balls

“As to the objects used by women, both married and unmarried, for the purpose of masturbation, their name is in true legion… the commonest object is the woman’s most handy implement, the hairpin or hatpin. We have often had to remove hairpins and hatpins from the female bladder and vagina.

Corks, ointment jars, pocket knives, rubber balls, paraffin candles, pessaries, perfume bottles, spoons, billiard balls, apples, carrots, etc. etc. are a few of the things which the poor girls and women use to induce an orgasm…”

–Woman: Her Sex and Love Life


The last list of Items That Can Go Up One’s Bum and/or Urethra went over so well, that I thought I’d include Items That a Woman Can Shove Up Her How-Do-You-Do.

You’re welcome.

Got Love?

“Yes, love is a woman’s whole life.

Some modern women might object to this. They might say that this was true of the woman of the past, who was excluded from all other avenues of human activity. The woman of the present day has other interests besides those of Love. But I claim that this is true of only a small percentage of women; and in even this small minority of women, social, scientific, or artistic activities cannot take the place of love . . .

Nothing can fill the void made up by the lack of love. The various activities may help cover up the void, to protect it from strange eyes, but they cannot fill it. For essentially women is made for love. Not exclusively but essentially, and a woman who has had no love in her life has been a failure.”

–Woman: Her Sex and Love Life


Really, anyone who reads Cathy on a regular basis already knows this.

Ack, indeed.