Now, Where Did I Leave My Femininity?

“While women have always been the aggressors — in a highly hidden non-aggressive way — the shortage of males now makes it even more necessary for them to become more predatory in seeking males on the make. Her entire role in life is to snare him into marriage or otherwise — failing which she becomes a career woman. Many women who have successfully snared also become career women after discovering that what they’ve snared isn’t a man. Many who begin as career women also get married, hoping to become women again. Usually they don’t.”

–Women Confidential


Okay, let me break this down for you:

1. Women are passive-aggressive predators.

2. Women trap men and force them into marriage.

3. Failing this, she will get a job.

4. If she succeeds, she gets to retain her womanly status and is saved from facing the cruel working world by her manly husband.

5. Unless he’s a total gay.

6. Women who are married AND also have a career have somehow misplaced their femininity.

7. Probably while shopping. Ha ha! Women, amiright??

The Pickup Artist

(The following is from a chapter entitled “The Pickup.”)

“If you can get at a woman, you have at least a chance of getting into her. And since most women in our society are ‘at large’ — free to move about in public without restriction — any reasonably attractive man with a fair degree of brashness has a good chance of scoring with a complete stranger.”

The Sensuous Man


Makes sense to me! Viva la Women’s Lib!!


If you can get at a woman, you have at least a chance of getting into hermay be one of my favorites phrases in the Hersteria archives (a list that includes “There’s Communists in the funhouse“). I may include some of the bizarre and inane pick-up line examples in a later post.