VD: A Ho and Mo’!

“Nature has devised a retribution for illicit intercourse in the form of venereal disease. If the parties observe fidelity to their marriage vows, venereal disease is experienced in wedlock only on very rare occasions, and then through some accidental infection, as from contact with some public utensil, as a public water closet, a public towel or a drinking cup…

So prevalent are these venereal diseases among lewd women, whether prostitutes or clandestines, that specialists in the field say: ‘All lewd women are diseased part of the time, and some lewd women are diseased all of the time.’

– Dr. Hall’s Sexual Knowledge


That’s right: Nature came up with venereal diseases because you’re a filthy slattern.

Now, where my crafters at? I think someone needs to stitch that last quote onto a sampler.


whore cross stitch(Image via Monster IV Blood’s Etsy page)

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