What Does Your Week Look Like?

“An ardent spur-of-the-moment tumble sounds very romantic, especially when a few casually conceived kisses reveal previously unsuspected, keenly mutual desire. However, ineptly arranged intercourse leaves the clothes you had no chance to shed in a shambles, your plans for the evening shot, your birth control program incomplete, and your future sex play under considerable better-be-careful-or-we’ll-wind-up-in-bed-again restraint. Best keep your by-play mild until you know that further sexual activity will not stir later regrets.”

–The Marriage Art

Remember, the wise Hersteria reader knows to schedule any and all intercourse at least two weeks in advance, lest something as unseemly as passion enter into your lovemaking.

3 comments on “What Does Your Week Look Like?

  1. je says:

    no chance to shed your clothing? your evening is shot? jesus what kind of marathon sex are they expecting to happen here?

  2. Arpad says:

    So. Many. Dashes. We just don’t write like this any more.

  3. Emily says:

    The Blackberry: not just for scheduling work meetings anymore…

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