The Yeastie Girls: Become the Queen of the Beach!

Ah, the days of Jayne Mansfield, Tura Satana, and other voluptuous broads… back when the media-as-Jewish-grandmother begged you to eat, for heaven’s sake EAT something. Check out these two ads promoting weight gain — sort of a Charles Atlas for the ladies. 


That’s right – thousands of sex-appealing curves. Start counting, boys.


yeast appeal_anne

“My, you’ve filled out at an unhealthy rate! Would you like to be my steady?”


(Side note: What in good heavens are my friends trying to tell me? Both Gretchen and Anne sent me these ads within days of each other. For which I thank them. But still.)

One comment on “The Yeastie Girls: Become the Queen of the Beach!

  1. jess says:

    Anytime these old ads push yeast as something healthy all I can think is “This is marmite isn’t it?” But tablets? That might the only way I could manage to eat it, and it looks like it only really targets your chest and hips. Genius.

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